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Unpaid medical bills and unpayable medical bills are one of the leading causes of insurmountable credit card debt in Pennsylvania and across the United States.

  • The National Center for Health Statistics at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found that one in four U.S. families struggled to pay medical bills in 2012.
  • A separate study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 70 percent of people with medical debt problems were insured.

High deductibles and inadequate insurance policies are a major problem in America, but such health insurance plans are often all that most Americans can afford. By now, you know that health providers and credit card companies are aggressive debt collectors. If your medical bills are on your credit card, you no doubt are drowning under the burden of high interest rates that make your bills impossible to pay off.

Legal Solutions To Medical Debt

Whether you have a chronic condition or illness, went into debt following an unplanned surgery, recently recovered from a life-threatening condition or are trying to pay off bills for high-priced medical tests, we can help you.

At Purcell, Krug & Haller, our debt relief attorneys counsel clients with medical debts of all levels in Harrisburg, Hershey and surrounding areas. We help you fully understand all of your debt relief and legal options, and we help you execute a plan that is customized to align with your needs and goals.

Medical debts are a significant strain on your entire budget, but they are unsecured debts, just like credit card debt. Struggling to pay off unaffordable medical debt does not make sense when you have other debt obligations or an income that only allows you to barely keep up with interest fees.

In many cases, debt consolidation and debt settlement are just not enough. While bankruptcy has a certain stigma in our society, it is often the most effective way to eliminate debt and regain financial stability. Depending on the level of your medical debt and your ability to pay it off, bankruptcy might be a very good option in your situation.

The benefits of bankruptcy include:

  • An immediate stop to garnishments and levies from your bank account and paycheck, attachments to property, foreclosure, repossessions, lawsuits and other collection actions
  • An immediate stop to creditor harassment
  • Elimination of all other unsecured debts along with the possibility of negotiating more affordable payment plans for secured debts
  • The ability to resume payments or more easily afford payments on secured loans such as your mortgage, car and education
  • The ability to begin rebuilding your credit score

Speak with one of our experienced lawyers about the best option considering your unique financial situation.

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